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          Business field

          Business field

          Let the global market review the new brand strength
          A pioneering and forward-looking new building is emerging in the world


          The company after 10 years of extraordinary journey, from a production only expansion joint device and the rubber support enterprise development has become an integrated system can provide products an...


          Road Engineering

          The company has established a long-term strategic partnership with us rubber asphalt inventor VSS and American famous construction enterprise BR.


          Real estate

          The company is a real estate development two level qualification, specialized in real estate development and management of limited liability company.


          Construction Machinery

          The company is the engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise of sichuan province, through the quality, environment and occupational health safety three management system certification; (iii) stan...


          Modern Agriculture

          Company is located in the state-level tourist destination - dujiangyan qingcheng mountain resort, large-scale land circulation in PuYang town more than 5000 acres, launching a campaign to leisure, agr...


          Medical care

          The company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of radiotherapy products, production, sale, service and rental. The company aims to improve the treatment conditions and q...



          Sichuan hong chi electric co., LTD is a newly built investment group co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, the company is one specialized is engaged in the low-speed electric car research and developm...


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