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          New construction machinery

          Chengdu new building concrete machinery equipment Co., Ltd

          Chengdu new building concrete machinery equipment Co., Ltd

          The company manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan province for the construction machinery, through quality, environment and occupation health safety management system certification; standardized three enterprise production safety; and has 3 professional technical design studio, with a strong R & D capability and manufacturing capability.
          The main products of the company include: concrete (stabilized soil) mixing station, paver, wet spraying machine and other pavement, tunnel construction machinery and equipment products. The company has long been adhering to the "professional quality", and strive to build quality engineering company, HZSG series of high-speed railway concrete mixing station construction in the first domestic application in high-speed railway, passenger dedicated line, and in Shanghai, Harbin Dalian, Wuhan Guangzhou, Zheng Xi, Atlantic, ha mu, Cheng Kun, Yu, Lalin mill, Qian Zhang often, Bank of the west, Hangzhou, Lin Zheng Fu and other high-speed railway has been widely used, application performance ranked the top three, to become the industry benchmark; and at the airport, municipal construction, water conservancy facilities to maintain a good performance, much of the world praise.

          Company website:http://www.xinzhu.com

          Contact Us:


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