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          Pavement engineering

          Sichuan New Building Industry Development Co. Ltd

          Sichuan New Building Industry Development Co. Ltd

          Municipal engineering general contracting level qualification
          Highway engineering general contracting two qualification
          General contracting qualification of construction project two
          Professional qualification of ready mixed concrete
          The company has established long-term strategic cooperative partnership with American rubber asphalt manufacturer VSS company and American famous construction enterprise BR company. Company is located in Chengdu, in Chengdu, Xinjin, Ziyang, Luzhou, Dazhou, Guizhou, Xingyi set up a wholly-owned branch (sub) company, with dozens (sets) of road construction, large and medium-sized machinery and equipment. Large production bases have been set up in Chengdu, Xinjin, Ziyang, Luzhou, Dazhou, Guizhou and Xingyi. As the first batch of imported rubber asphalt technology and professional equipment company, the new building industry has fully mastered the production and construction technology of rubber asphalt, the whole system services and solutions for enterprise development, with characteristics of rubber asphalt pavement material and pavement construction and production, and has strong market competitiveness.

          Company website:http://www.scxzly.com

          Contact Us:


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